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Located in Anchiano, a hamlet of the municipality of Vinci, it is the only estate in the world overlooking just 150 meters from the birthplace of one of the greatest geniuses in human history, Leonardo da Vinci.

Immersed in the naturalistic heart of the Leonardo's Land.

Situated in the beauty of the most characteristic Tuscan hilly landscape, Casa Lionardo completely overlooks Leonardo da Vinci's birthplace, now a museum.

​The structure was built in 1890 to be designated as an elementary school. For almost seventy years, the building hosted several local children who had the privilege of being able to study and grow up in one of the most fascinating places in the world, inspired by the native landscape of the Leonardian genius.

​The school was then closed and it was decided to give new life to the building after many years and a careful restoration in 2019, on the occasion of the Leonardian Celebrations.

Well-being and open air.

A perfectly maintained garden with a wonderful panoramic view of the horizon so dear to Leonardo and a source of inspiration for his famous "sfumato" painting technique.

A well-kept structure down to the smallest detail.

A structure with the attention to the smallest detail, to give back its historical charm to the environment: on the ground floor an elegant and large living room with dining area, kitchen and bathroom; on the first floor two large and bright bedrooms finely furnished with en suite bathroom.

Outdoor tourism: paths in the Leonardo's hills.

The Montalbano area is the ideal place from which visit all of Tuscany, tranks to a central position and the proximity with the major cities of art, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena and the Tuscan coast.


The dominant landscape is hilly, with wide olive trees and vineyards. Leonardo lived his childhood in these places and it is to these lands that the young genius owed his curiosity towards nature, man and science.


​From the structure, indeed, it is possible to undertake on foot or by bike the paths and routes (places certainly loved by e-bike enthusiasts!) that the young Leonardo used to travel and in which he loved to get lost, feeding from time to time the his knowledge (towards water, mills, streams, birds).

​Among the many wonderful routes, Il Leonardino stands out, a naturalistic, spiritual and cultural route in the footsteps of the Young Genius.


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Casa Lionardo is also the headquarter of Fondazione Leonardo 500, a family foundation that pursues beneficial purposes and social utility, born from the enormous owners' love for the territory and the history of Leonardo.

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